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I was born in Stirling, Scotland in 1933. I mostly grew up during the war years and the aftermath, full of austerity and shortages of almost everything! Art filled up a great deal of my life, as having been born with a physical disability, walking continued to be difficult for me for quite a long time. Athletic pursuits were impossible, but given books, paints, pencils, and paper, as much as could be managed, I was happy. Dolls bored me, unless I was designing and doing my best to make clothes for them! . Fortunately, treatment, followed much later in life by surgery, allowed me to lead a more active life, but painting, and anything creative,  was still very important. I emigrated to Vancouver, B.C. in 1960, married, had two children, but still tried to keep doing as much in the art world as possible. Sadly I was wdowed in 2009, but being alone for the first time in my life, left me freer to  began painting again, and I have started a new life as a painter, art and digital print maker, weaver, and just about any creative thing I could do. My physical disabilty caught up with me again, and again, art became very important to me. I want to share it with you! 

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